Övre Gimåns FVO

Welcome to our beautiful fishing waters in one of northern Europe, perhaps, one of the world’s best trout waters. We can offer a magnificent nature and a fly and spin fishing for trout hefty and very fine grayling, in Bräcke Municipality which is part of the eastern Jämtland. Our streams are very popular fishing waters in Sweden, our neighboring countries as well as in several other European countries.
Common rules for fishing in Gimån, including Stavre Stream: Here comes hullinglöst and only one fly with a single hook on the leader. We do not want you fish with thinner tippet than 00:15. For those who spin fishing, in the areas you can spin fish, so the same rules apply, thus a single hook is barbless. In Stavre power we strive for a “rotating fishing”, which means you are not in the same place all the time.

Good to know

Upper Gimåns Fishery offers fishing in lakes and rivers and lake fishing. Stavre stream, which is a part of our Fishery, is very comfortable to reach, from the E14 between Bracke and Gällö within Bräcke. Along the E14 you can reach Revsundssjön. Via Route 323 between Bräcke and Kälarne you can reach more of our other popular currents.

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