Fiskekort, Fishing guide & Fishing tips


Kjellberg's engine and fishing, here you can buy fiskekort, flies and other things that belong to the fishing. They are located in Bräcke, opposite ICA.
+0693 - 715 00

Bräcke Sport o Leisure sell both fishing equipment and fiskekort, you reach this store on tel, +0693 - 101 17.

Bengt Persson in Stavre, sells fiskekort. tel 070-5657097.


If you need guidance or a little review of fishing with us when you come, we can pass on these contacts, which can give you tips for fishing in both the Stavrest stream and our other streams.

Please contact us by email at address, then we can convey this.


Only one fly on the paw and barbed with a single hook applies. Peak size not less than 0.18.
We do not want you fishing with rod with a lower grade than class 5 in Gimån. Fishing with small flies in size 14-22 for Harr and if you are looking for bigger trout then go up one or two classes to classes 6 and 7. At the beginning of the season you can fish with sinktip or Intermedia line and streamers type black zonkers or wolly buggers.

The best fishing is around midsummer when all the big hatches of danica get going!

twirling - No play with the fish. It should be taken in as soon as possible, especially when it is hot in the water.

Rotary fishing - We want you "Rotates" during your fishing in the Stavrest stream, ie not staying in the same place for longer than about 20 minutes. The reason is that more people will have access to different fishing spots.

A little more tips : Mark rod - Mark your fly rod with marking tape. Preferably at, 30, 40, 50 and 60 cm respectively. Then it becomes easy and gentle to measure the fish.
Peang - Bring peanut to facilitate quick and gentle release of the fish.

restocking - All fish must be exposed according to all the rules of the art, moist hand, pull it back and forth so that it gets oxygen in its gills and let it swim away by its own power No fish can be lifted up on land! You sit on the water on your knees, with the fish in the net, in the water. When the fish is shown to a friend or camera, it is lifted for short moments and then lowered into the net again. Should it pop up, it will end up in the yard or

NOTE : Do not throw sticks and snuff in the water - nor on grass or rock.

Debris : Nothing may be thrown in the water or on land - not even a linen stump or a cigarette fimp! Everything should be taken home! Rock hard! For example, smokers bring a tin can to put their smokers in and the same goes for snus, THANK YOU!

Other service in the area

Fish shop, Pharmacy, Bank, Post, Grocery, Kiosk, Gasoline.