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The Board, together with the County Administrative Boards of both Jämtland and Västernorrland counties, has compiled information on the measures that are considered appropriate to reduce the risk of spreading the spread of cancer plague. At the bottom of this text you will find two different documents that show what we want you as a fisherman to consider when you come to us and fish. Our fishery supervisors will assist as much as possible with this. The Board appeals to you that, as far as possible, follow these rules, Cancer plague information in other streams,

Cancer plague information


catch reports is a great help for us to better manage fishing. Gathering information about what the stocks look like in both Stavreströmmen but also in our other waters is an important issue for us at FVO. A good knowledge of sport fishing catches is one of the foundations for good development. This knowledge is important in order to be able to conduct good fisheries management, adapted to our conditions in Stavreströmmen and in our other waters. It is on the basis of this knowledge that we set our rules and regulations for how fishing may be conducted.