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Fishing guide - Mattias Burkhard, Bräcke. Committed and knowledgeable fishing guide to help you with current fly choices and locations in the region.
(William Moberg-Faulds, at Fauld's production). William and his gang have made several fine fishing films, both from Gimån and the Stavrest stream.
The fishing camp in Gimdalen, about 2 km from Bräcke, where you can access both a good fishing guide, Björn Johansson, and where you can also stay.

Bräcke tourist information,
our tourist agency in the municipality, which is run by Helen. Here you can get advice and help about most current housing, and other things you wonder about. On this page you can also see other fishing areas, both after Gimån and within the municipality.

Alma, the steamboat in Stavre
here you can ride a steamboat in Lake Revsund. It is a nice outing for anyone who wants to do something other than fishing.
Here is a link to an adjacent fishing line which is located about 25 km from the Stavrest stream. It is suitable to combine with.
is a link to a common Internet portal for Gimån's stretch in the county. Here is information about several exciting fishing areas that you can combine.

The County Administrative Board's advice on avoiding the spread of diseases in the water .
Here is important information for you who move your gear, or boat between different waters.

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Fly fishing in the Nordic countries

Fishing Magazine, For fishermen of fishermen.