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Link to, County Administrative rules on fishing equipment

The County Administrative Board has set rules over those of you who fish in different waters. The rules apply for gear, boats, etc. used in different waters. We want you as a fishing guest, take some of these and follow its directions. This applies most to you fishing in our lakes.

Below are details of our rules regarding both Stavre Stream and our other water. If you want to read our fishing and development and our bylaws, you can do so here .

Stavreströmmen, season 2020
Premiere on Thursday 21th of May by starting at 06.00.

Check this, Booking system 2020 – Övre Gimåns FVO1

Fishing 6 a.m. to 6:00.

Here comes hooks without barbs, and only a fly on the leader and a single hook. We do not want you fishing with fishinline thinner than 00:18.

Booking of fishing in the stream Stavre made through our reservation system on the Website.Any questions, please ask your treasurer Bengt Persson +4670-565 70 97 or e-mail: , or the Chairman Ernst Aslund tel +4676-8066987 or e-mail:

Bookings during the season can be made via Website 

Quota fishing.

Fishing licenses must be visible, or be made available on request from the fish monitoring person. .

Minimum size trout 40 cm, grayling 35 cm
Bag limit 1 + 1 grayling troutUpper Gimåns FVO reserves the right to close certain distance in relation to courses and training days. Stavre stream is divided into 8 sections named fish, which in turn is part of 3, color marked fishing areas, see map . Each area is of quota to a maximum of 8 rods / day. The red section have a maximum of 3 rods/day and Catch & Release.

Fishing area 1, highlighted in yellow, covers Sjönacken, BoPoolen, canal, pond. 8 seats / day within range 1. Yellow fishing license.
Fishing license Prices / day 350 crowns.
Locals 150 crowns.
Youth inclusive 18 years 50 SEK.
Only fly fishing. From the E14 bridge and up to the closed area upstream, has a number of permanent residents the right to fish with spinning, assuming no fly fishermen are there.

Fishing area 2, Green Marked , includes bed. 8 seats / day within range 2. Green fishing license.

Fishing license Prices / day June / July 350 crowns.
Locals 150 crowns.
Youth inclusive 18 years 50 SEK.

Only fly fishing and fly allowed.

Fishing area 3, highlighted in red , includes the old mainstream. Red fishing license. 8 seats / day in the area of third

Fishing license Prices / day 200 crowns.
Locals 50 crowns.
Youth inclusive 18 years 50 SEK.

Fly fishing / angling.


Gränskyltar and information boards are posted. Violations of current fishing regulations prosecuted.

Mandatory catch reporting, see the back of the Fishing. Catch Reporting is an important part of our work Stavre stream including means improving for both fish and fishermen.

Other streams and waters
( Fishing licenses for the lakes to be valid for one calendar year at a time ):

Day license: 200: – Weekly license 450: –

Other fishing license prices for 2020.
Annual Pass only lakes, sport fishing (not network) 200: -.
Annual pass only lakes; nets, fish trap, lure, otter, angling and ice (only locals and second home owners) 200: –
For compounds, which wish to organize fishing competitions on the lakes that are part of our fishery conservation, the fee is 200: – the basic fee.

Day license only lakes, sport fishing (not network) 80 –
Day license only lakes, family, sport fishing 100: –

Skaltjärn, 100: – / card, only one card per day and a maximum of 3 fish. Short dissolved in a fishing license for automatic Binnåvägen at Shell Lake. Children (under 12) are allowed to fish in the Shell Tarn, in the company of an adult. Here comes one child per parent or guardian.

Fishing Price for Trolling and other fishing Revsundssjön
Tourist Fishing, Family Week, 300: –

Day license, single 60 –
Weekly Short, single 150: –

Tourist Card, family / day 75 –

Tourist Card, family / week 300: –
Weekly Brief, family 300: –
Price for the operator trolling activities, seasonal 1000 –
Fee per participant and rod, (sold by contractors) 25 –
Trolling Short days, 200: –

Trolling Short week, 500:

Angling cards for owners of fishing 100: – / year

Season (only locals and second home owners) 1000 –
(In this price also includes other sport fishing in the lake)
The limit for trolling going on more than two rods and a limit is set at 8 rods.

Streamfishingcard Gimån.

The card includes 13 different streams in Gimån. The streams that are not within our area, can be found through

The compounds to cooperate if this is Gimdalens FVO, Storåsen / Albackens FVO, Sörbygdens FVO and Upper Gimåns FVO, which means a total distance of approximately 80 km of Gimån. The streams contained within the Upper Gimåns FVO is Bodsjöströmmen, mellanströmmen, Kraftverksströmmen and Grötingsströmmen Prices: 600: – for a 3-day cards and 1000 – for a weekly ticket.


Fishermen who violate our rules must pay a fee to the fishing area with a total of SEK 1,500 / offense. Offences that are punishable by the charge is, lying fishnets on the prohibition areas, lying fishnets at prohibited times, fishing with the wrong tools (spin fishing where it is fly fishing), fishing float tube where it may not be used, absorption of too many fish, uptake of fish that do not meet the minimum size . Fishing without a permit is a criminal offense and should be reported to the police.

Do not litter in the nature that we want to be as natural as possible.

Top Gimåns Fvof wish you a warm welcome to Stavreströmmen.

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