Prices & Rules


Persons or companies who wish to use our water for business purposes must comply with the following:

  1. Must hold F tax bill or F / A tax bill
  2. Must, in good time before starting, apply with us to be an entrepreneur. The application must be made by mail to . The application must contain, in addition to company information, a copy of the approved F-tax and a description of the fishing activities intended to be conducted in our area.
  3. Be approved by us, which means that we reserve the right, at any time, to request credit information for the company / person in question, and on the basis of this information, decide whether the contractor should be approved.
  4. In addition to the cost of each fiskekort sold by us, an approved contractor must pay an entrepreneurial fee to the association, which amounts to SEK 500 per year? The fee must be paid to the association's bank giro no later than 10 days after you have been approved as a contractor.
  5. At the end of the year, the contractor must report to our treasurer the number of fiskekort sold and pay the cost of these to us.

Prices & rules!

Important information for you who are going to book fishing. We have reduced the price of the Green and Red section to SEK 250 / day for "visitors" and SEK 150 / day for locals.

Remember, we introduced a ban on the use of wadded shoes with felt soles in our waters, because of the risk that they could spread the cancer plague center found in nearby water. Violation means suspension and charge for violation of our rules, currently 2000 SEK.

Link to, The County Administrative Board's rules on fishing equipment

The County Administrative Board has set rules on what applies to you who fish in different waters. The rules apply to gear, boats, etc. used in different waters. We want you, as a fishing guest, to take part in these and follow its directions.

Below is information about our rules regarding both the Stavrest stream and our other waters. If you want to read our fishing and development plan and our statutes, you can here.


Fiskekort may not be sold to another person without the approval of the fishing area. If, for any reason, you want to transfer your fishing license to another person, you should contact the chairman 070-5747852 or treasurer 070-2713734. You can also contact the acting fisheries supervisor. The number can be found on the current schedule for fisheries supervision that can be found on the website.

In order to fish in our waters you need a valid fiskekort.

The current and our other currents, the 2021 season.

Premiere Sunday, May 30, starting at 06.00.

fishing 06.00 - 06.00.
Here you can find out about our new rules for fishing that apply from the 2021 season,

wading the lake

Rules fishing Stavreströmmen 2021

Applicable rules for fishing, Red card

Applicable rules for fishing, Other streams

Booking of fishing in the Stavrest stream and our other streams is done through our reservation system on the Website.

If you have any questions, please contact treasurer Bengt Persson 070-2713734 eller e-post: , or to chairman Hans Nordin on tel 070-5747852 eller e-post:

Quoted fishing.

The fiskekort can be downloaded to your mobile phone or printed out. Fiskekort must be carried visibly, or be presented at the request of the fishery supervisor.

"Window socket" applies in Gimån and Stavreströmmen, which means that trout that are between 40-55 cm (approx. 0,7-1,5 kg) may be taken up. For grayling, the minimum size is 35 cm. A Trout and a Harr / card and day may be taken up.
From the 2019 season, we have also introduced that you should have a class 5 on fly rod for fly fishing with us.

Bag limit 1 grayling + 1 trout

Upper Gimåns FVO reserves the right to close a certain distance in connection with courses and training days.

The pole stream is divided into 8 named fishing routes which in turn are included in 3 color-marked fishing areas, see map. These areas have a maximum quota of number of rods / day. See more under each fishing area.

Catch reporting.

Mandatory catch reporting, for trout and grayling, applies in our flowing waters. This means that you must report even if you have not received any catch. You report on the website under that tab.

Fishing area 1highlighted in yellow , includes Sjönacken, Bropoolen, Kanalen, the area above the former Långrännd dam. 8 places / day in area 1. Yellow fiskekort.

"Window socket" applies here, which means that trout that are between 40-55 cm (approx. 0,7-1,5 kg) may be picked up. For grayling, the minimum size is 35 cm.

Bag limit: one trout and one grayling per day.

Fishing license prices / day SEK 400

City resident: 200 SEK / day
Youth up to the age of 18 SEK 50.

Only fly fishing. From the E14 bridge and upstream to the lake sack, some residents may redeem a season ticket for fly fishing and may fish there provided they give preference to booked fishing guests. Only one resident at a time may fish on this card.

Wading prohibitions apply on the lake sack, between 22.00-06.00. The lake neck ends where the stone arms begin. New wading areas apply to the lake neck, see

Fishing area 2green Marked , includes the former Långränndammen, Flaket, Strömmen and Bodsjöpoolen. 8 places / day within area 2. Green fishing license.

"Window socket" applies here, which means that trout that are between 40-55 cm (approx. 0,7-1,5 kg) may be picked up. For grayling, the minimum size is 35 cm.

Bag limit: A trout and a grayling / card and day.

Fiskekort prices / day, SEK 250.

City resident: 150 SEK / day
Youth up to the age of 18 SEK 50.

Only fly fishing according to our rules.

Fishing area 3highlighted in red , includes the Old Sheep including the calm water found within that area. Red fishing license. 2 + 1 places / day in area 3. The extra card is intended for local residents living in the villages of Mälgåsen, Stavre and Åhn.

In the section's "Calm water", floating fishing is allowed, which is included in the fishing license for the red section. The limit for floating fishing is between the protected area that exists between the yellow and red stretches and up to a line at the upper tip of the island (which is outside the red stretch's current stretch) and straight inland. The float must not be equipped with oars.

Fiskekort prices / day SEK 250.
Local residents 150 SEK.
Youth up to the age of 18 SEK 50.

Only Fly Fishing.

With regard to growing grayling and trout, all fishing is prohibited in the protected areas marked with purple dashed on map, and with signs at the area.

Bound signs and information boards are installed. Violations of current fishing regulations are prosecuted.

catch reporting

Mandatory catch reporting applies, for trout and grayling. We want you to report even if you have not received any fish. The catch reporting is an important part of our work with the Stavrest stream. means to improve for both fish and fishermen. In order to better manage the fishery within the Upper Gimåns FVO, we need help to gather information about how the stocks in different watercourses look. Partly for the statistics, and partly for you as guests to get an idea of ​​where and how the catches are made, and for us to be able to follow the development of the stock.

Resetting of fish

The chance for surviving fish to survive is to quickly put them back in the water. Fish are very sensitive, so avoid catching the fish out of the water above the main catch, but if it does, it should be as short as possible.
Handle the fish carefully. Hold the fish as little as possible. Damaged scales make the fish susceptible to parasites and infections. If you need to lift the fish, grasp the tail coil and support with your hand under your stomach, at the chest fins. Do not squeeze the belly of the fish.
Hook off gently. It may be good to use a peg or fine pliers to gently pry out the hook. Bareless hooks make it easier.
Never bring the fish back and forth in the water and keep the fish in the shade if possible
Unfortunately, the risk is that the gills of the fish will be damaged if they are moved backwards into the water. At the same time, sludge is brought into the gills and the fish are damaged and die. In flowing water, the fish can advantageously be held with the head in the direction of flow and thus get fresh oxygen-rich water through the gills until it itself can leave the place.

Other streams and fishing waters

 (The fiskekort for the lakes shall be valid for one calendar year at a time):

Day card: SEK 200 Weekly card SEK 750 Annual card SEK 2000, valid only for locals and holiday home owners, (sold by the board).

Other fishing license prices

Annual card only lakes, sport fishing (not net) 200: -.
Annual card only the lakes; net, hush, drag, otters, meteor and pimple (locals and holiday home owners only) 200: -
For associations wishing to organize fishing competitions on the lakes that are part of our fishery conservation area, the fee is 200: - in Basic fee + a fee of 20: - per participant. An obligation to register applies to fishing competitions, where registration must be made in good time before the competition, to Övre Gimåns FVO, 

Day card only lakes, sport fishing (not net) 200: -
Day card only the lakes, family, sport fishing 200: -

Shell iron, SEK 200 / card from 6 December 2020, only one card per day and a maximum of 3 fish. Cards are redeemed either in the fishing card machine after Binnåvägen, at Skaltjärn or via our Swish number 123 355 2171 and then you must still write a fishing card in the machine where you also write that you Swishat. Children (under 12 years) fish for free in Skaltjärn, in the company of a parent. Here, one child per guardian applies.

Fiskekort price for Trolling fishing and other fishing in Lake Revsund, (prices and rules for Lake Revsund are drawn up in collaboration with the fish conservation areas operating in the lake).

Tourist Fiskekort, Family Week, 300: -

Day Card Individual (Tourist)       60: -
Weekly Card Single (Tourist) 200: -

Family Card (Tourist)         80: -

Family Card (Tourist)       300: -
Weekly cards, family                      300: -
Award for trolling business, season     1000: -
Fee per participant and rod, (sold by contractors)    25: -
Day Card Trolling (Tourist)                                                 200: -

Weekly Card Trolling (Tourist)                                                  500

Sport fiskekort for fishing rights owners                                   100 years

Local residents can buy an annual license for the entire tourist fishing area for SEK 300. via card vendors.

The limit for trolling goes to more than 2 rods and a limit is set to 8 rods.

Stream Fiskekort Gimån.

The card comprises 13 different streams in Gimån. The streams that are not in our area can be found via

The associations that cooperate on this are Gimdalen's FVO, Storåsen / Albackens FVO, Sörbygdens FVO and Övre Gimåns FVO, which means a total distance of about 80 km of Gimån. The streams that are part of Upper Gimån's FVO are the Bodsjö stream, the middle stream, the power plant stream and the Grötings stream. Prices: 600 SEK for a 3-day card and 1200 SEK for a weekly card.


Fishermen who violate our rules must pay a fee to the fishery area with a sum of 2000 SEK / offense. The Board of the Upper Gimån Fishery Area decides on a case-by-case basis whether the fee is to be paid. This decision cannot be appealed. Violations that are charged with the fee are, netting in prohibited areas, netting at prohibited times, fishing with incorrect gear (spin fishing where it is fly fishing), fishing with float where it must not be used, uptake of too many fish, uptake of fish that do not keep the minimum dimensions . Fishing without a fiskekort is a criminal offense and must be reported to the police.

Do not waste in the nature we want to be as natural as possible.

Upper Gimåns Fvof warmly welcomes you to our fishing waters.