Development Plan & Statutes


Upper Gimån Fisheries Area Association.


Fishing Plan 2021.

  1. Fiskekort owners are allowed to fish free of charge in Skaltjärn as well as in the entire area, taking into account the special rules that apply to the respective waters and shall, when fishing, be able to present a fishing license certificate (Fiskekort) obtained by the treasurer. Everyone who fishes, whether you are a fishing rights owner or another, must report catches. If you have not received any fish, this must be indicated on the card, which is then placed in the catch report box. Anyone who does not report catches is in violation of our rules and may risk paying a misdemeanor charge of SEK 2000. You also risk being suspended from fishing with us if you do not report catch.


  1. Net fishing in the lakes shall be permitted until 31 January. Net fishing may be conducted by the local population as well as fishing right owners and holiday home owners in the fisheries conservation area. Net fishing is prohibited in the entire area after 31/1 and until open water. For net fishing, sea nets with a total maximum length of 90 meters, and not more than 6 feet deep, apply. marked, clearly visible at both ends with the user's name and telephone number. The rules apply to Revsund Lake, Lower Bodsjön and Lake Grötingen. Local residents and holiday home owners within the boundaries of the fishing care area have the right to practice phishing, against the release of phishing licenses. Holders of phishing licenses are required to find out, and follow, the boundaries of the fishery area and the rules for the phishing prohibition as well as other rules of importance for their fishing. In flowing waters, there is a constant ban on phishing.


  1. Phishing bans apply throughout the year within an area of Revsundssjön with an imaginary line Björknäskajen - Gimmerön's northern tip - Byggeskajen. The net fishing between Gimmerön and the mainland shall be conducted so that the nets are at least 100 meters from the next laid net length, so that the nets are not located so that the waterway is completely closed. The nets must not be joined to another fisherman's net, so that the length is more than 90 meters.


  1. Phishing bans apply throughout the year in Bodsjön from Gimåns outlet in Bodsjön down to Abborrnäset's southern headland perpendicular to Åflon and the area 300 meters upstream of the Bodsjön outlet.


  1. Phishing bans apply throughout the year in Lake Grötingen from Gimåns outlet in Lake Grötingen to a line at the height of Orrnäset's northern headland perpendicular to Flolandet, the area 300 meters on both sides of the railway bridge and 300 meters upstream of Lake Grötingen's outlet in Gimån.


  1. During the year, the Board may announce fishing bans in certain waters if special reasons exist.


  1. Fishing with pike scissors and rusks may take place in the same areas as net fishing and must be whitewashed at least twice a day.


  1. Pike fishing with Russian in certain prohibited areas may be permitted after approval by the board of the fish conservation area.


  1. Whitefish fishing can be practiced during November and December in the Bodsjöpool, which belongs to the lower part of the Stavreströmmen, the power plant stream's outlet in Lake Grötingen and our part of the Gröting stream. For daily fishing, regular daily prices apply. This annual card shall also apply to this fishing.


  1. Mandatory catch reporting for streaming water prevails. The minimum length for trout should be 40 cm and for grayling 35 cm. Fishing is included in flowing water live bait and grazed hook prohibited. In the Stavrest streams and in our other streams, sheep but trout and and grief per day shall be retained, taking into account the provisions of "Window socket" (Trout between 40-55 cm (approx. 7 hg-1,5 kg) may be taken up, and those which are both larger and smaller must be exposed). Anyone who does not report catches is in violation of our rules and may risk paying a misdemeanor charge of SEK 2000. You also risk being suspended from fishing with us if you do not report catch.


In our flowing waters, fishing is allowed only with barbed hooks and a maximum of a single hook on the bait or a pull on the rope with a barbarous single hook may be used. You may not fish with thinner paws than 0.18.


  1. In the Bodsjö stream, Mellanströmmen, Kraftverkströmmen and Grötingströmmen, the season for grayling is extended until September 30.


  1. Fishing from a boat or other floating fabric is not allowed in flowing water nor in Skaltjärn.


  1. The association has the ambition to create a fishery that takes great account of the conditions of fish and nature so that this has a minimal environmental impact.


  1. Young people up to the age of 18 get angling for free in all waters except Stavreströmmen and Skaltjärn


  1. contractors.

Persons or companies who wish to use our water for business purposes must comply with the following:

  • Must hold F tax bill or F / A tax bill
  • Must, in good time before starting, apply with us to be an entrepreneur. The application must be made by mail to . The application must contain, in addition to company information, a copy of the approved F-tax and a description of the fishing activities intended to be conducted in our area.
  • Be approved by us, which means that we reserve the right, at any time, to request credit information for the company / person in question, and on the basis of this information, decide whether the contractor should be approved.
  • In addition to the cost of each Fiskekort sold by us, an approved contractor must pay an entrepreneurial fee to the association, which amounts to SEK 500 per year? The fee must be paid to the association's bank giro at the beginning of the calendar year, but no later than 31 January for the current year.
  • At the end of the year, the contractor must report to our treasurer the number of fiskekort sold and pay the cost of these to us.
  • Fiskekort may not be sold to another person without the approval of the fishery area.
  • Fiskekort sold by the contractor to fishermen must follow a pricing that is equivalent to that of the fish conservation area.
  • The number of fishing licenses (Fiskekort), which may be sold by the contractor to fishermen, must be agreed with the fish conservation area.


  1. Compulsory catch report. All fishermen must report catches. If you have not received any fish, this should be stated. Anyone who does not report catches is in violation of our rules and may risk paying a misdemeanor charge of SEK 2000. You also risk being suspended from fishing with us if you do not report catch.


  1. Fishing licenses, prices and regulations in the fisheries management area: Definition for local residents within our fisheries conservation area (except Stavreströmmen) = municipal residents and holiday home owners within Bräcke Municipality                                                                     

Stavre Power:

Definition for local residents within the Stavrest stream = municipal residents 

In Stavreströmmen, and our other flowing waters, window outlets apply. The window socket means that trout between 40–55 cm (approx. 7 hg-1,5 kg) may be picked up, and those that are both larger and smaller must be re-exposed. On the Red section, Catch & Release applies, which means that trout and grayling may not be caught.


In the Stavrest stream, holders of current fishing permits may take up a trout / day, and and grief/ day, taking into account the minimum dimensions and the rules in the decision "Window socket". In our flowing waters, fishing is permitted only with bareless hooks and a maximum of a single hook on the bait may be used. Thinner tufts than 0.18 must not be used.

The entire Stavrest stream only applies to fly fishing.

All other gear and bait are prohibited, including Czech nymph fishing. (Czech nymph fishing usually means fishing with one or two suspension flies. The heaviest fly is not always placed as an end fly. The distance between the flies is about 25 centimeters and the length of the suspension fins about 10 centimeters).

Seasonal premiere 2021: Sunday 30 May at 06.00 - 31 August 24.00. The validity of the fishing license is valid between 06.00-06.00. The card must be presented at the request of the fisheries inspector. The Yellow and Green fishing area in Stavreströmmen, has a general allocation of 8 fishing licenses / day and the Red area has 3 fishing licenses / day. 

The cards are booked on the association's website, The fishing license (fiskekort) is paid directly at the time of booking. Requests and information can be obtained from the association via e-mail .

Fishing areas in the Stavrest stream:

Fishing area subdivision into 3 different areas, which includes the following sub-areas, Sjönacken, Bropoolen, Kanalen, Dammen, Flaket, Strömmen, Bodsjöpoolen and Gamla Fåran.

Fishing area 1 yellow area, SEK 400 / day. Ortsbo 200: - / day. Youth (up to 18 years) SEK 50 / day. Fly fishing only, includes Sjönacken, Bropoolen, Kanalen and Dammen. The card must be worn fully visible when fishing. Property owners in the village of Gimån, are offered a season ticket for fly fishing, at a cost of 2000: - / person, and apply upstream of the road bridge. Rules for those who have such a card are; Only one property owner at a time, who has solved a special card, may fish and only one trout and one grayling / card and day may be taken up, taking into account the rules in the "Window Socket" that the AGM decided on.

Fishing area 2, green area, SEK 250 / day. Ortsbo 150: - / day. Youth (up to 18 years) SEK 50 / day. Fly fishing only: includes Flaket and Strömmen and Bodsjöpoolen.

Fishing area 3 red area, SEK 250 / day. Ortsbo 150: - / day. Youth (up to 18 years) SEK 50 / day. Only fly fishing max 2 + 1 fishing license / day, includes Gamla Fåran including the new part. Catch and release applies here. Within fishing area 3, there is an opportunity for local residents and holiday home residents within Åhn, Stavre and Mälgåsen to redeem a fishing license for SEK 150 / day outside the quota of 2 fishing licenses that otherwise applies. This fishing license is only sold by the cashier.

Purple dashed areas, on the map of the Stavrest stream, are prohibited areas where fishing is not allowed.

The streams of the area except the Stavrest stream, as well as the lakes:

(The fishing license (fiskekort) for the lakes is valid for one calendar year at a time):

Day card: SEK 200 Weekly card SEK 800 Annual card SEK 1000 only applies to locals and holiday home owners (sold by the board).

In the area's streams, a maximum of one trout and one grayling per day may be taken up, taking into account the minimum dimensions, 35 cm for grayling and for trout the "Window socket" applies (Trout between 40-55 cm (approx. 7 hg-1,5 kg)) may be admitted, and those who are both larger and smaller must be resettled).

  1. Other fishing license (fiskekort) prices within the fish conservation area.

Annual card only the lakes, sport fishing (not net) 250: -.
Annual pass only the lakes; net, russian, drag, otter, angler and pimple (only locals and holiday home owners) 150: -
For associations, which want to organize fishing competitions on the lakes that are part of our fisheries conservation area, the fee is SEK 200 in Basic fee, + a fee of SEK 20 per participant. A duty to register applies to fishing competitions, where notification must be made well in advance of the competition, to Övre Gimåns FVO, 

Day pass only the lakes, sport fishing (not net) SEK 100
Fishing from land with a rod is free, for the local population, in the fishery area's lakes except in Skaltjärn. For this fishing, one rod per person applies.

Shell pond,

200: - / card, only one card per day and max 3 fish. Cards are solved in a fiskekort machine after Binnåvägen, at Skaltjärn. Children (under 12) fish for free in Skaltjärn, in the keeper's company. Here is one child per goalkeeper. Float or boat may not be used in Shellfish. The boat that is there is for fishing supervision.

Fishing license (fiskekort) prices for Trolling fishing and other fishing in Lake Revsund, (prices and rules for Lake Revsund are drawn up in collaboration with the fish conservation areas operating in the lake).


XNUMX hour card, individual                                                             60: -
Weekly card, individual                                                           200: -

Tourist card, family / day                                                      80: -

Tourist card, family / week                                                  300: -


Rates Trolling.

Award for trolling business, season      1000: -
Fee per participant and rod, (sold by contractors)    25: -
Trolling Cards Day,                                                                200: -

Trolling card week,                                                               500

Sport fiskekort for fishing rights owners                                   100 years

Season (only locals and holiday home owners)                 1000: -
(this price also includes other angling in the lake)
The limit for trolling goes at more than 2 rods / boat. 

  1. Stream Fishing Card Gimån

The associations that collaborate on this are Gimdalen's FVO, Storåsen / Albackens FVO, Sörbygdens FVO and Övre Gimåns FVO, which means a total distance of about 80 km of Gimån. The currents that are included in Övre Gimån's FVO are Bodsjöströmmen, Mellanströmmen, Kraftverkströmmen and Grötingströmmen. Prices: SEK 800 for a 3-day card and SEK 1300 for a weekly card.

  1. Violations.

Fishermen who violate our rules must pay a fee to the fish conservation area with a sum of 2000 SEK / offense. Violations that are charged with the fee are, netting in prohibited areas, netting at prohibited times, fishing with incorrect gear (spin fishing where it is fly fishing), fishing with float where it must not be used, uptake of too many fish, uptake of fish that do not keep the minimum dimensions . Fishing without a fishing license (fiskekort) is a criminal offense and must be reported to the police.

  1. Fisheries Supervision within the fishery area.

The association strives for effective monitoring of fishing. The supervisor and fishing guide must be able to inform fishermen about rules on how fishing may be conducted and how to handle fish that are not to be caught. Supervision should, in the main, focus on monitoring our flowing water, but maritime supervision must not be forgotten. For Revsund Lake, supervision is distributed among the FVOs that are in the lake.

The fisheries inspectors are reimbursed with fees and mileage compensation, as agreed.

  1. Fishing license (fiskekort) outlets.

The following points of sale for fishing licenses (fiskekort) shall be:
OK / Q8 in Gällö, Bräcke Sport & Fritid, Kjellbergs Motor in Bräcke and Gun Jonsson in Grötingen and the Tourist Office in Bräcke. Card machine at Skaltjärn. Bengt Persson.

Fishing licenses (fiskekort) for the Stavrest stream are only sold via

The phishing license must only be sold by the board members, or selected fiskekort vendors, who are appointed by the board. Trolling fishing licenses (fiskekort) are sold by selected fishing license (fiskekort) vendors.

23. commission

The commission to fishing license sellers shall be 15%. Special compensation can be paid if necessary.

24. Fishing license holder certificate

Certificate of fishing rights can be obtained from the treasurer. Each fishing right holder must always be able to present a valid fishing right holder certificate when fishing in the area.

25. Development of the Fishery area

We have a development group, which is tasked with preparing proposals to the board on how fishing in the fisheries conservation area can be developed. The board has appointed Hans Sjöström (an experienced fisherman from Sundsvall) and Mattias Burkhard (lives within the municipality) and Leif Lindberg from the board.

26. Information

The board is instructed to review measures for fishing. The board shall update the association's website for the Internet, and keep other information material produced by the association up to date.