Terms & conditions

Terms and conditions for fiskekort purchases via ours booking

We do not refund booked and paid fishing licenses if we have to close the fishing due to the weather and that the result will be such a low water level or so high water temperature in Gimån that we believe that continued fishing harms the fish. Limit to close fishing is + 19 C two consecutive days. We thus claim "Force Majeure" in these cases.

Applicable rules for fishing in the Upper Gimån Fishery area;

In the Stavrest stream, and our part of Gimån, you must take note of the applicable rules for fishing. These are here,
  • Applicable rules for fishing, Yellow and Green card.

  • Applicable rules for fishing, Red card

  • Applicable rules for fishing, Other streams

  • There is a ban on the use of waders with felt soles. Also consider the County Administrative Board's recommendations regarding disinfection of equipment and waders.
  • Bag limit is a Trout and a Harr (Harr must be at least 35 cm).
    As of the 2017 season, so-called "Window sockets" in Gimån and the Stavrest stream apply, which means that trout that are between 40-55 cm (approx. 0,7-1,5 kg) may be picked up.

    Bag limit 1 grayling + 1 trout

  • Fishing is conducted within the limits that are exposed in spring karta
  • Wading prohibition is respected
  • Wading areas on the lake neck are respected.
  • Protected areas are respected
  • As an angler, you follow "normal" intervals to "rotate" within the distance you released the fiskekort for
  • Fishing with permitted equipment, according to information on our website
  • You must be able to present a valid fiskekort and, where applicable, valid identification.

Ortsbo regarding Stavreströmmen = residents of Bräcke Municipality.

Ortsbo regarding Other streams and our fishery area in other = municipal residents and holiday home owners within Bräcke Municipality.

In order for us to check whether you, as a resolved card for a local resident, are really a local resident according to our definition, you must be able to prove it with documents proving this, for example a legal act. If you have booked a fiskekort as Ortsbo and are not, then we can charge you an administration fee, corresponding to the cost of a visitor's card.

If you violate any of our rules, you risk being fined with a sum of SEK 2000, which must be paid into the association's bank account.

Order confirmation:
After the purchase has been completed, a confirmation will be sent via e-mail, where you will have the opportunity to print your fishing license yourself or you can "download" it on your mobile, so that you can show it to the fishery supervisor.

We process your personal data in accordance with applicable personal data legislation. By registering your personal data you agree that we use the information to contact you with information about your purchase of fiskekort. We may need to contact you again
changes occur that affect your fishing. Your personal information is used to fulfill our commitment to you as our fishing guest.

We do not disclose your email address or information about you as a customer to a third party.