Rapidly declining temp and northern winds mean that we now open the fishing, for the time being, Tuesday the 20/7 at 06:00 

Water temp: 9/8 = 17,3 degrees (level 22 cm), 30/7 = 18,4 degrees, 24/7 = 16,6 degrees, 19/7 = 16,2 degrees, 18/7 = 18,0 degrees , 16/7 = 20 degrees, 15/7 = 21,2 degrees, 14/7 = 22 degrees, 13/7 = 22,1 degrees, 12/7 = 21,5 degrees, 11/7 = 20,1 degrees , 10/7 = 19,9 gr, 9/7 = 21,5 gr, 8/7 = 19,9 gr, 7/7 = 19,4 gr

Water temp 6/7 = 19 gr. As the weather forecasts show warm weather until Saturday and with southerly winds, this means that we will NOT open the fishery until after the weekend, unless there are major changes in the weather. The water temperature should be stabilized a few degrees below 19 degrees for a few days, as it can quickly increase again.

Due to high water temperatures, 2/7 = 20,5 degrees and 3/7 = 20,8 degrees, we have now decided to close the fishing from Monday 5/7 at 06:00

The water temperature has risen rapidly in the last 2 hours, 7/20,5 = XNUMX degrees! In the coming days there will be high air temperatures, a decision on the date for closing will come soon!


We would like to remind you of the ban on lifting and holding fish with your hands. This rule must be followed!

Buy a fishing license from Övre Gimåns FVO

The fishing licenses for the 2021 season will be released on April 25 at 12:00 and purchased at The fishing starts on Sunday 30 May at 06:00.

NOTE! We have now switched to another booking system, = ifiske. Read the rules and how the booking is done atån before the booking opens.

It is important that the correct name and address are filled in before payment is made, as the cards are personal. The calendar becomes visible when the booking starts.

Feel free to register an account on the site, and it will be even easier. Good luck!

Fishing license prices on Gröna and Röda sträckan have been reduced to SEK 250, locals SEK 150.

NOTE! 21 / 6-5 / 7 are not bookable. These days are pre-booked for those affected by the closure in 2020, according to an increase with the then board.

Compensation cards for closed days 2020 will not be refunded. However, you who were affected can get the chance to book the same days, before the card is released in April. Then email state which days you want to book and attach the booking from 2020. This is so that there will be no misunderstandings. // Regards the new board

Welcome to our fine fishing in one of northern Europe's best trout waters. We can offer magnificent scenery and fly-and-spin fishing for great trout and very fine grayling, in Bräcke Municipality which is part of eastern Jämtland. Our streams are in great demand for fishing waters in both Sweden, our neighboring countries and in several other countries in Europe.

Shell iron open for the winter season

As of 6 Dec 2020, 200: - / card only one card per day and max 3 fish. Cards are redeemed either in the fishing card machine after Binnåvägen, at Skaltjärn or via our Swish number 123 355 2171 and then you must still write a fishing card in the machine where you also write that you Swishat.


Good to know,

The booking is made so that you go to the tab "Shop", and there you click on the fishing license you want to book, such as Gul Sträcka. Then click on the number of people and then go to the calendar and click on your start date. If you book several days in a row, eg 1-3 July, click on start date (1 July) and then on end date (3 July), but not on intermediate days. When you have booked, and are about to pay, this is done via a payment solution called "Stripe", which is linked to your credit card / debit card. When you have booked, you will receive a confirmation to your e-mail, which shows your booking. Then you can go to your login, on the website, and print out your / your fishing license.

** We will not refund any money for redeemed fishing licenses if we have to close the fishing due to the water level or due to the water temperature. We therefore claim Force Majoure in these cases. **

The water temperature for closing the fishery is +19 C for two consecutive days.

Common rules for fishing in our part of Gimån, including Stavreströmmen: This applies without barbs and only a fly that has a single hook on the paw. We do not want you to fish with thinner tafs than 0.18. For you as a spin fisherman, in the areas where you get spin fishing, the same rules apply, ie a single hook that is barbed. In Stavreströmmen we strive for a "rotating fishing", which means that you are not in the same place all the time. In all our flowing waters, we have introduced so-called, "Window outlet" of Trout, which means that you can pick up Trout that have a size between about 40-55 cm (0.7 kg-1.5 kg). Larger and smaller trout must be released. Grayling can be picked up if they have a length of more than 35 cm. You may catch no more than one trout and one grayling / card per day.

Upper Gimån's Fishing Conservation Area can offer fishing in both lakes and flowing waters as well as tar fishing. The pole stream, which is part of our fishing area, is very convenient to reach, from E14 between Bräcke and Gällö, within Bräcke municipality. Along E14 you also reach Lake Revsund. Via Route 323 between Bräcke and Kälarne you can reach several of our other popular streams.

Our Fishing Licenses

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